Jeremiah: A Drama in Nine Scenes
Jeremiah: A Drama in Nine Scenes

Jeremiah: A Drama in Nine Scenes (9786257937009)

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Barkod : 9786257937009
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I will not leave you, neither will I abandon your soul to despair. Jeremiah, my only son, hearken to me. For the first time let me tell you something which may awaken your courage. Hear the words that are forced from me by my distress. I, too, was once filled with despair, inasmuch as for ten years the Lord had closed my womb. I was the sport of my companions and the mock of the concubines. For ten long years I bore my lot patiently, and had almost given up hope; but in the eleventh year my heart was kindled, and I went to the house of God to implore him that my Thwomb should bear fruit. Throwing myself on the ground, I watered it with tears, vowing that if a son were vouchsafed me I would devote him to the Lords service. I swore to be silent, to utter no word during my time of trial, that my son in days to come might speak abundantly, praising God.
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Platanus Publishing
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